We’re All Really, Really Sorry

Is anyone truly, honestly surprised that after 80 years, a Crosstown Shootout finally ended with punches thrown?

Apparently so.  Despite all the jawing that happens between Xavier and UC every year.  And not just by the players, like the moron who went on the radio claiming Xavier superstar Tu Holloway isn’t good enough to start for the Bearcats.  The students, too, who delight in trash talking their rivals.  “Fuck UC”, the thousands chanted at the Cintas Center Saturday after the brawl.

And now we’re all expressing our embarrassment and apologies. But isn’t this what you wanted?  Isn’t this what you encouraged by giving players from tough backgrounds encouragement to talk shit and ratchet up the rivalry?  Makes for great sound bites and great headlines!  Aren’t you craving this kind of confrontation when you don a t-shirt or make a sign that outright trashes the other team?  Those are our best sellers!

We are temporarily a side show for ESPN and YouTube.  Let’s be proud of this mess we made because the way I see it, everything has gone exactly to plan.

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