This Eric Deters Video is Newsworthy But It Ain’t News Yet. Not Awesome.

Yesterday afternoon, we had reader David Sparks post this video in our Community Posts section:

Okay.  Just in case the video gets taken down, here’s a transcript:

“I have many black friends, and I have many black clients.  Why? Because cops are usually tazing naked black men, so I got cases against cops.  I represent black men and I have black friends.  But let me tell you something about this.  On my flag football team, every black guy on the team–this is just calling it straight right here, no political correctness here–almost every, AW THE HELL WITH THAT, EVERY BLACK GUY ON MY FLAG FOOTBALL TEAM, went out with, lived with, and was married to a white woman, and smoked pot.  I just want you to know that I understand black culture.  If you want to conquer, If you want to conquer an African nation, SEND WHITE WOMEN AND POT.  This is the bulldog.  Every dog has their day.  I hope tomorrow is yours.”

The smug look on Deters’s face at the very end of his diatribe says it all–he’s pleased with himself, and that’s pretty hard to swallow.

This seems pretty newsworthy to me, especially since Eric “Birth of a Nation” Deters is such a media hound.  He’s a public figure, and this is more or less the most racist thing we’ve heard a local public figure say since Marge Schott’s “Million-dollar N/Hitler was good at first” debacle.  It pretty much ruined her reputation–well, that and Schottzie dropping a schittzie in short right field.  Kinda like how Bulldogs dropped a steamer on the KY side of the Purple People Bridge.  THE SIMILARITIES ARE BOUNDLESS.

But I digress.

This should be news.  Yesterday.  So get on the stick, Enquirer.  Get on the stick television stations.  and for Pete’s sake (yes, THAT Pete), GET ON THE STICK, 700 WLW.  He’s on your damn station.  Please, please, please can someone make him answer for this?  And while you’re at it, ask him how the hell he manages NOT TO BLINK for so long on the welcome message on his website:


Seriously, though.  Deters should be called out on the carpet for this.

35 comments to This Eric Deters Video is Newsworthy But It Ain’t News Yet. Not Awesome.

  • Mr.

    Take that font size down a bit, damn.

  • Dr.

    Yeah, seriously with the font size. WTF?
    Also, this article is hilarious and speaks the truth.

  • I got your font size right here, chumps. Go touch one. Also, try ctrl+-. It makes the page smaller. You’re welcome.

  • Anonymous

    font size?
    how bout the racist idiot in the video you pricks.

  • This man is completely out of control. I have suspected since the beginning that he is on drugs.

  • This supports my theory that America’s college campuses are actually conquered African nations.

  • Anonymous

    White women and pot is a good way to conquer ANY nation.

  • [...] This Eric Deters Video is Newsworthy But It Ain’t News Yet. Not Awesome. [...]

  • Dieters told the Enquirer that the video is embarrassing but people are trying to hurt me.
    I think he has the definitions of hurt and accountable confused.

  • V for Victory

    There’s another one where he makes fun of African-Americans and Mexicans. It’s still on one of his facebok pages, too. This wasn’t a mistake — it’s obviously who he is. Look here:

  • V for Victory

    Somebody needs to call attention to this one. It’s worse than the other one.

  • Maoglone

    I’ve got a copy of it. Not sure whether I’ll upload it or nor, but I’ll transcribe it and talk about it on the next Podcast, which gets recorded tonight.

  • V for Victory

    Please upload it. He’s doing spin control, and that one was worse. He belittled African-Americans and Mexicans, even talking about Davy Crockett killing them at the Alamo. He’s removed it from his Facebook. Obviously he want the furor to go away.

  • I’ll get to it later tonight. Lots of stuff on the docket for me personally today. In the meantime, I do have another question: why isn’t the Enquirer story on this allowing comments?

  • kpop513

    Deters is perfect for the WLW lineup of racist blowhards. Jim Scott is the only one worth listening to on that station (which used to be good with Gary Burbank). Not it is Bill Cunningham’s station that goes out over half the country. People everywhere can hear him and the rest (like Deters) who put out ignorant racism that most people got over 30 years ago. Not in Cincinnati though. WLW will never do anything abut this. They think it’s good for ratings. Real class outfit using our public airwaves for the public good.

  • Thanks, David Sparks, for the heads up on that link. I’ve edited our post to embed the vid from there.

  • he on somethin on that video.cocain and pot,look at him.his on some kind of mean drug

  • he looks to me that he should have a white sheet over his head.if thats not racism,then what is?he shouldnt be able to practice law nowhere.he just like his cousin joe deters.what ever happen to joe deters about that theft in office case he had?oh he went to columbus and stayed gone a few years and came back and snitched on mike allen and got the head job.

  • Anonymous

    He is not racist, just trying to be funny…If you watch any comedy show anywhere there are always jokes that involve race. That doesnt mean the comedian is racist.

    • What Deters is doing essentially amounts to pointing and laughing at people of color. It’s not close to the same material that, say, Richard Pryor did. You’re an idiot if you think it is.

  • Jack Myhogoff

    I was so sick of him yelling on the radio. WLW’s ratings will go up. When he was on everyone else was off.

    I think he was right but he doesnt’t have to yell.

  • Anonymous

    same old stuff. black people can make fun of whites and its funny. but if a white guy makes fun of a black person it racist.

  • Finally, someone gets it.

  • he the one thats gonna reap what he soe.cause he is a public figure,also a lawyer.wlw is gonna get him back in a few months.they love that type stuff.eric deters just dug his self a hole that he might not can get out,he is gonna her from the kentucky bar association.he jepordized his career for a can learn a lot from a


    Deters you are an arrogant idiot. The first time I saw you, you were having a verbal barrage with a basketball official at a youth tournament and in fact had to be escorted out of the gym….and now he needs to be escorted out of this city. As far as WLW shame on you for even having such a bigot on your channel but if you think about it this seems to be your MO, I do not know why Jim Scott would even associate himself with your channel. Please Clear Channel clean up your line up and stop this type of broadcasting. Its ignorant.

  • Anonymous

    Bullshit “Fight for the little guy” my ass, I went to this douchbag for help when I was Wrongfullt Terminated & he wouldn’t take my case because “There wasn’t enough money in it”…..Don’t go to this ass for help Ambulance chaser

  • Forever Deters

    POLITICAL CURRECTNESS BULLSHIT. black people make fun of whites all over the damn tv and dumbass people think it’s funny. but if a white guy makes fun of a black person it’s racist. The blacks are the biggest racist group going. next the homo’s will be complaining they don’t get enough airtime. oh, that’s right just after all the black tv show’s are the one’s with the queres.

    • Look, you fucking dipshit, I don’t think you know the difference between politically correct speech and racist assholes.

      “MailPERSON:” political correctness.
      “Mexicans are short:” racist.

      “Happens to be black:” political correctness.
      “If you want to take over an African nation, send white women and pot:” SUPER-FUCKING RACIST.

      Learn things, you knuckle-dragging piece of trash.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve heard the guy on the radio and honestly never heard him say anything racist before. Sure, it may not be award-winning commentary, but the guy’s not a horrible person. I’ve called in before during his show and he was nothing but nice.
    I’m not sure what happened for him to post this video and say such things. And let’s be real, what he said was not acceptable. Racist? Perhaps. Hate-filled, not so sure.
    The thing is about living in the U.S. is that everyone’s voice is allowed (hence freedom of speech). I mean, heck, some cities allow (even up north) for white supremacist groups to demonstrate as long as it doesn’t get violent.
    While I personally want to bomb every one of those ignorant bastards, as long as they’re not physically hurting anyone they have just as much right as anyone else to let their opinion be heard. It’s up to you if you want to listen. That’s what our country was founded upon.
    As for the Bulldog, I’d like to hear what his black flag football teammates have to say about the situation. What do his close friends/family have to say? That’s what I want to know. I’m sure we could get a better context for exactly how racist/hate-filled the statement was.
    But take a look at how Kobe Bryant (I’m pretty sure that’s who it was) called the referee a “faggot” during a game. He got fined like ten grand and went on his merry way. That’s happened more than once during an NBA game this past season. Yet he didn’t get vilified by the public.
    There seems to be a double standard. People get all up in arms when someone says something racist, yet when someone says something about the GLBT community, very little attention gets paid to it. In fact, even white people act like they’re soooo offended when someone says something racist and completely condemn that person (white guilt perhaps?). In 30 years, I’m sure the same will apply to GLBT once they get their full rights under the law.
    Point is, if you don’t like it, don’t listen. If you hate the guy, go ahead and say so. But each and every one of us has the right to say what we will, where we will. It’s how the U.S. works.

  • Anne

    What’s the big deal? If a black person had said what Deters said, there wouldn’t be a thing done.

    Eric Deters a racist?,I doubt it. What has happened to the fifth ammendment, anyway? Lighten up.

    WLW, and namely one Darryl Parks, are idiots for firing the Bulldog.

    • You’re an idiot. The fifth amendment is the one where you don’t have to incriminate yourself. I think you’re thinking of the first amendment. If you don’t think that stuff was racist, then you’re probably a racist and you need to examine your life. Thanks for sharing. We love you.

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