This Carson Palmer Business: Awesome or Not?

You’ve read all the junk, you’ve probably got a half-formed opinion now.  All that remains is this: do you think Carson Palmer’s “Take this job and shove it” stance is awesome or not awesome?

This Carson Palmer Hullabaloo: Awesome or Mike Brown can bite me?

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Pic poorly mashed from here and here.

2 comments to This Carson Palmer Business: Awesome or Not?

  • i wish there was an “all of the above” option. and the reason i think it’s awesome is because i hope carson is gone. mike brown can also bite me because bratkowski will still be here. i’m getting to the point where i’m hoping there’s no cba.

  • Steve Weide

    I think the rest of the team needs to join Carson. The only way there is ever a small chance of Mike Brown changing is if he is pushed kicking and screaming. And the more stuff like this happens that makes the NFL look bad (because really, when a guy is threatening to retire rather than make 11 million dollars staying with the Bengals, it shows everyone something is seriously wrong).

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