The Labor Day Fireworks Debacle

Ooh. Ahh.

Like a Voltron made of dog shit, two of our very favorite companies joined forces to really fuck things up Sunday: Fox 19 and Clear Channel (WEBN).  It’s not fair to blame them for bad weather, but it would seem fair to blame them for everything else.

To make a long story short, WEBN gave Fox 19 the wrong music to pipe through with the fireworks.  It was last year’s music.  You’ve been promoting these fireworks for months.  It’s a HUGE deal.  And you give them last year’s music?

Couple that with Fox 19′s glorious shots of…well, nothing, and there you have the Labor Day Fireworks Sucktacular.  In Fox 19′s defense, they planned their shots to go with certain music cues.  But how long does it take before someone realizes the music is wrong and you have to improvise?

If you are Fox 19 and Clear Channel, it takes until the end of the show.

Did you go?  How did they look in person?

2 comments to The Labor Day Fireworks Debacle

  • I wondered why they looked (and sounded) so off when i watched them on Monday. At first i just thought it was technical difficulties with the sound…

    But in person?! They were amazing. Some of the best ones i’ve seen in the past decade. That and the fact that I could go out at 10 til 9 and get a spot with a group of 10 halfway down the Serpentine wall, was also awesome :)

  • Ed

    Thanks for commenting. Glad they were better in person. Really, watching fireworks on TV is never as good anyway.

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