12: Tim Raines’ Giant Knob

In this episode of the CinAwesome Podcast, Jason is an idiot.  Ed completely schools his ass on Pete Rose and Little Steven van Zant, who apparently plays with a guy named Bruce Springsteen (Jason’s never heard of him, either).  We do a very quick review of Google+, talk about Pac-man, the Reds, and watch a little kid bite it super-hard on Jeopardy.

Also, Jason manages to do something intelligent in proposing a new feature of the ‘cast: a local music spotlight wherein we play Cincinnati-area bands every other week.  This means that we’re looking for folks to send in their tunes for a lil’ podcast airplay action. Bands and labels can email at jason@jasonmcglone.com or reach us at the CinAwesome Facebook page and we can get something together.

Music in this episode is Pop Empire, Koan, Mala In Se, and Sacred Spirits, respectively.… Read the rest

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It’s Opening Day! Is Gapper Awesome?

In honor of opening day, we turn the spotlight on one of the least honored symbols of Cincinnati.

Presenting: Gapper.

Gapper descended on us when the new ballpark opened, and life hasn’t been the same since.  He has interfered in every single mascot race for several years running, and yet MLB refuses to step in and do something about this poor man’s version of the Philadelphia Phanatic.  And you know how we pheel about those phuck phaces in Philadelphia.

Whaddayouthink?… Read the rest

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Mr. Redlegs: Moustachioed Awesomeness?

If vintage is cool, then everyone with a pulse should find baseball’s first professional team so cool they need to frequently replace their excitement-moistened undergarments.

And that brings us to Mr. Redlegs.  Not the moistened undergarments part.  The vintage part.  Mr. Redlegs is actually one of the Reds’ newest mascots, so the “golden era of moustaches, painter caps and wool uniforms” schtick is painted on. But just look at that smile..


C’mon……………..… Read the rest

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Dave Sappelt: Gonna Be Awesome?

Not sure how much you’ve been paying attention to Reds’ Spring Training this year, but I have. In fact, it’s pretty much the only Cincinnati-related stuff I’ve been paying any attention to over the last several weeks. Of course, you will suffer accordingly, or whatever.

Anyhow, there are a lot of people pulling for this Dave Sappelt kid to make the big club outta the gate this year, and while he’s only played a few games above the AA level, he survived a big cut over the weekend and continues to hit over .500 with the big boys.

Did I point out that he’s super-short? CINCINNATI REDS FANS LOVE SHORTIES. Plus, he gives the reporters a chance to use an almost-fifty-cent-word like “diminutive.”

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Johnny Cueto’s Arm: Will He Ever Pitch Again?

It’s been going on for a week or so, and Reds brass have been downplaying the “spots” here and there in Johnny Cueto’s arm. It probably has nothing to do with Dusty making Cueto pick his truck up out of a ditch or anything like that, but anytime anyone says something to the effect of, “We’re praying that it’s okay,” it’s probably time to pencil Mike Leake into the roster.

Here’s that one thing you remember Cueto from:

UPDATE: Holy crap, it turns out I’m half-right. Cueto’s out “7-10 days” with “Shoulder inflammation.” CUETO GOT A HOT WING.… Read the rest

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Ryan Hananinanigan gets $4 Million: Awesome?

In a deal that not too many folks probably expected, the Reds signed veteran catcher Ryan Hananinanigan (I think that’s right) to a 3-year, $4 million dollar deal.  on one hand, this seems like an awful lot of cash to be Bronson Arroyo’s personal catcher guy, but on the other, someone’s gonna need to clog up the works so that catching prospect Devin Mesoracococo (also absolutely correct) has a tough time making his way to the Majors.

In all seriousness, though, Haninaninanigan’s a solid player who should make a solid teacher to Mesoracococo, and that’s likely what he’s being brought on for.

Cue the baseball cliches (plus bonus Corky Miller mustache):

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7: Get ‘er, Ray! [CinAwesome Podcast]


In this episode of the CinAwesome Podcast, we cover some past polls, look at the more-than-Top 5 goofy Cincinnati things over the past couple weeks, talk about the whole Charlie Sheen/’90 Reds connection, and discuss the CincyBlogs thing.

Music at the beginning of the show is Koan.

Incidental sounds came from freesound.org.  These are:

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Charlie Sheen Name Drops the Reds in His Latest Bizarre Interview. Awesome?

If George Clooney’s visit to Cincinnati left you thirsting for more Hollywood, then human trainwreck Charlie Sheen is coming to the rescue with a Big Gulp full of Tinsel Town shart.

Sheen told TMZ Monday that out of the many drug-soaked parties he’s thrown over the years, the most memorable was his party with the Cincinnati Reds.  No hints as to who was there or what went down.  But he said “it’s been 21 years now and they’re still talking about it.”  By our calculations, that would implicate the 1990 World Championship team.

That’s a pretty juicy revelation.  Especially when Sheen brags that his parties “made Sinatra, Flynn, Jagger, and Richards just look like droopy-eyed armless children.”

We have to think big about this legendary Reds party.  Did Chris Sabo make out with Lou Piniella?  Did Tom Browning not get high?  Did Paul O’Neill kill a hooker?  Did Hal Morris and Norm Charlton somehow manage to win a game of Scattergories?  We’ll never know, but it must have been unbelievable.

You can watch the interview here.  The Reds bit is 14 minutes in.  By the way, no major media outlet in town has even mentioned this yet, at least as far as we can tell.  Which makes this a bit of an exclusive.  Isn’t CinAwesome awesome?… Read the rest

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6: Heh. Nasty Hook.


In this new and improved sixth episode of the CinAwesome Podcast of Awesomeness, we go over the week’s polls, cover the Top 5 things that have happened in Cincy over the last two weeks, and share a recording we managed to procure from a particular television station’s offices.  It’s pretty great.

Music during the show’s introduction is “Folly,” by Saturday Supercade.

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BASEBALL! BASEBALL! Awesome or not?

Hey, baseball’s here now.  At this point, we’re hearing the same stories over and over again, primarily because nothing interesting has happened yet, but pretty much everybody seems excited for something potentially good to be coming down the ol’ pike.

Remember this?

Think we’ll get something like it again? Me, too.

The question, though, remains: are you totally charged, or what?… Read the rest

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