Local News Crew Foiled by Weather: Awesome?

Even the triple super duper high-def 3-D twin Doppler XL 3000 Guardian didn’t see this coming.

A crew from Cincinnati’s WLWT “News 5″ got stuck while covering the awful weather this week.

You know.  The same awful weather that prompts the anchors, the reporters, your own boss, and the police to tell you to stay off the roads unless you absolutely have to go out.

Reporter Brian Hamrick and his photographer  went out.  It did not go well.  A farmer in a tractor had to pull their live truck back onto the road after they slid off it and into a corn field.  You can see the video here.

The irony is their boss probably ranks this story as one of his all-time favorites, even though it’s a product of the fact that once again he put his employees in danger by ignoring the very advice his newsroom churns out every time the weather gets bad.  Next time the crew may not be so lucky.  But hey, it’s great video!… Read the rest

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