So, Cincinnati Has More Room for Hipsters Now. Awesome?

I don’t really have much commentary about this, but I’m sure that any number of “serious” blogs will–Cincinnati, according to that Census thing, lost 12% of its population.  Yowzers.  Let’s look at some possible explanations:

  • Murders.  With the way our local news reports violent crimes, you’d think we live in a war zone.  Surely over the past 10 years we’ve killed over 10% of our own population, right?
  • Gentrification.  High-end development in low-income areas equals economic growth equals GET OUT OF MY NEW NEIGHBORHOOD, POORS.  Check Covington’s census data.  I bet that went up a lot.
  • No jobs.  No further explanation needed.
  • The President/BP/Charlie Sheen/Gaddafi did it.  Hey, you gotta blame it on someone.

Cincinnati's losing population, apparently. Awesome?

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