37: Fingers Up!

In this episode of the CinAwesome podcast, we talk about the new Southgate House, the Thompson House, the impending changes over at noted news publication The Cincinnati Enquirer, and baseball.  Lots of baseball.  Also, fingers up the butt.  Intro and Outro music is (Young) Pioneers.  THOU ART PREPARED.  DOWNLOAD AND LISTEN.

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36: The Ballad of Eric Deters

In this return from a too-long break, Jason and Ed discuss the state of the city, the fact that so much has happened since they’d left, the rise and higher rise of Eric Deters, and baseball.  And then for good measure they break down the Bengals’ season schedule.

35: Wrap It Up

Hey, it’s episode 35 of the CinAwesome! Podcast.  We talk baseball, downtown, traffic, and other Cincinnati stuff.  Most importantly, Ed eats taffy.  It’s a thing that happened.  Opening music is Baby Teardrops, closing music is Sam & Dave.


This is episode 34 of The CinAwesome Podcast.  It’s the 4th of July edition, except we really don’t touch on fireworks or apple pie or our nation’s independence.  We do, however, discuss Fountain Square, violence in the Queen City, Jeff Ruby, and the Johnny Cueto snub.  Tony LaRussa can suck a hog.  Music is Kaada.  Rate us/review the show in iTunes and ED WILL BRING YOU TAFFY.



In this momentous episode of the CinAwesome Podcast, we talk about–you guessed it–Cincinnati stuff.  Also, baseball.  And basketball, Wonder Pets, vacations, and the usual Virgil’s Cafe what-have-you.  Music is Explosion Kills Asshole.