Anyone got $25 I can borrow?

41: Speaking of Anilingus

This is the 41st episode of the CinAwesome Podcast.  In it, Jason and Ed discuss the Cincinnati Rollergirls, Ed’s fascination and history with Maraschino cherries, our Xmas/New Years plans and events, and Jason’s recent research into role playing games.  Most importantly, Ed reads what might be the greatest poem ever poemmed.  Music is The Wipers.

40: The Depressing Episode

The 40th episode of the CinAwesome Podcast is pretty much the opposite of VH-1′s “Best Week Ever.”  In it, Jason and Ed discuss Dungeons & Dragons by way of Brian Posehn’s new podcast, Nerd Poker.  Jason gets into some personal horribleness, and then the conversation gets pretty dark pretty quick as the guys discuss the events at Newtown, CT.  From there we talk sports and, more importantly, Ed describes the Redsfest experience.  Intro and outro music is Maps & Atlases.

39: Your Swimming Pool Smells Like ____________.

In this episode, we talk about things, catch up, cover Thanksgiving, discuss running and Jason’s forced-sounding obsession with basketball.  Ed’s new hobby is also talked about for not nearly long enough, because it’s the best hobby ever created.  Intro music is The Make-Up, outro is Budgie.

38: The One With the Ladies’ Underwear

This is the NBA Season Preview of the CinAwesome Podcast.  That’s just a joke.  Seriously, though, we talk a little about football and baseball and we cover the GIGANTIC sign that the Horseshoe Casino is planning to build.  There’s some Virgil’s banter, and if you listen close enough, you can hear someone get a handy.