Is Bootsy Collins Awesome?

So, I read this press release reprint at the Enquirer, and realized how embarrassed I should be for not having posted about Bootsy yet.

Like every Cincinnati figure, there are lots of opinions out there, but one seems to prevail: you better think he’s awesome or else.  In reality, most people I know never think about him until they see his weird head pop up out of seemingly nowhere.  When that happens, we usually talk about how famously mean James Brown was to his band members.

But that doesn’t answer the question–is Bootsy awesome?


  • He’s a legitimate funk legend.
  • Played with James Brown during his serious “funk” years.  “Sex Machine,” “Soul Power,” and “Super Bad.”  Also, played with Funkadelic.  You can’t really front on Bootsy’s Rubber Band, either.
  • Wears funny clothes, looks high all the time.


  • Nobody knows who he is except for famous musicians.
  • Damn kids don’t RESPECT THEIR DAMN HISTORY.  Damn.
  • Probably is high all the time.

Is Bootsy Collins Awesome?

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