Fuel, Meet Fire. [Eric Deters]

UPDATE AGAIN: Here’s the story from Fox 19. Kind of a bummer that they didn’t mention the potentially deameaning videos where his face is right next to a 700 WLW logo (which you’ll find below), but whatever:

UPDATE: This showed up on Deters’s FB page a couple hours ago:

I recently shot a videoblog that told a joke about young black men I know liking pot and white women…I immediately thought it went too far. I told my video guy not to use it. When he sent videos to my computer guy, he forgot to take it out. As soon as I heard about it, I removed it. I apologize for my bad joke. As my black friends, clients and fans will tell you, I’m not now…nor have ever been prejudiced.

Not sure I really have anything to comment on about it, but there it is.

I also talked to a Fox 19 reporter on the phone about our post covering the vid. It’ll be discussed in detail on our next podcast, which should go up early next week.

I think that is all.  Anything else comes up, you’ll hear it here last.

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11 comments to Fuel, Meet Fire. [Eric Deters]

  • Jimmy

    I urge you to make copies of all of these before he starts deleting them…

  • First video has already been pulled. boo.

  • I’ve got copies of everything posted here except the first one. Making fun of Mexicans, Gays, Israelis, Women, and prisoners. At least dude’s covering all the bases.

    I may sift through the other ones to find some more, but there’s a lot to go through, and I actually need to collect my thoughts for the podcast we’re gonna record this weekend. If someone else wants to do it, have at it. You can post it here on your own, if you want.

    Sorry for the Bronson Arroyo reference there.

  • Jimmy

    What happened to your youtube videos? It was starting to get some major hits? Did they force you to remove it?

  • As far as I know, they all work except the first one, which I kept there for posterity. Sorry for any confusion.

  • Jimmy

    Oh sorry I meant the originial video.

    I tried to watch it last night and it said “It was removed by the user” on youtube?

    Also someone in dayton made a copy of it and his was removed too

  • Anonymous

    Looks like the “Mexicans are short” vid was removed, too.

  • Here’s a transcript of the “Mexicans are Short” video:

    “I don’t want to–by the way, I’m not kidding you–I love my black buddies. Here’s somethin’. You know what? It’s hard to describe, but I’m almost like, envious of their contentment and their world. I really am. You know, and by the way, I’m not talking about–my black friends aren’t like, super-duper, professional doctors and lawyers and stuff. My black buddies are working class or less athletes, okay? Those are my buddies.

    But, uh, not to just pick on them–and I’m not picking on them, I’m just stating fact. Now this is a true story. My dad has a couple legal Mexicans that work for him. And one is Jose. Do you know how tall Jose is? I swear to God I think he’s three-foot-two inches tall. And one day I’m talkin’ to Jose and I’m lookin’ at Jose and i said to myself, “Jose, can there be any freaking doubt why 200 freakin’ Americans led by Sam Bowie and Davy Crockett fought off thousands and thousands of Mexicans? I’ve got this visual of these Mexicans about three foot tall, jumping over the wall, and Davy Crockett just goin, whoosh, whoosh [makes tossing motion]. Jose even laughed because he too is not politically correct.

    This is the bulldog, every dog has their day. Blacks can jump, whites can’t, Mexicans are short. This is the Bulldog, every dog has their day, I hope tomorrow is yours.”

  • Jesus, the guy still doesn’t get it does he? In his mind this is all an attack on him.

  • Forever Deters

    Can’t believe 700wlw has let Eric go. When they found Eric it gave everyone the hope maybe wlw could still make it without Mike McConnell. Now the dumb assess have let there only talent go. Won’t be long before the bigone becomes the long gone one.
    Thank God Eric hasn’t given up and is now on 1160am. Keep spreading the witty and wise.
    People need to loose the damn political currectness bullshit, it’s already past being the down fall of OUR country. Hopefully no homo’s hit on you. Every dog has it’s day, hope tomorrow is yours.

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