Creation Museum Amusement Park: Awesome or Terrible?

The Creation Museum people held a press conference today unveiling plans for a Creation Museum Amusement Park.  Yep.


  • If you’re into that sort of thing, I guess it’s good or whatever.


  • Pretty bad for science.
  • REALLY bad for science.
  • Will NOT contain live dinosaurs.

What of it? Is the Creation Museum Amusement Park Awesome or Terrible?

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8 comments to Creation Museum Amusement Park: Awesome or Terrible?

  • Brad

    It will create jobs, so I say it is awesome.

  • You’re crazy, Brad. Creating a few jobs versus the spreading ignorance of young Earth creationism? Fuck the jobs.

  • Yourmomsucksmyballs

    Well it’s gonna take years for a “few” people to build an 800+ acre amusement park!! I’m sure the construction workers would be better off collecting unemployment than to take a job building an amusement park that conveys a message you don’t agree with!!

    I couldn’t give a fuck if a fucking T-rex was on Noah’s ark or not. Actually…. That is pretty cool. I think I will believe it because….. what the fuck will it ever matter!!

  • maoglone

    If they’re gonna do it right, they’ll only hire 8 people to build the Ark itself. Since, you know, that’s how many built it in the bible.

  • Ed

    Idea: instead of “Men’s” and “Women’s” restrooms, the signs could say “Adam” and “Eve”!!

    Also, you are forbidden from eating apples on amusement park grounds.

    I’m also picturing a roller coaster with some sort of tie-in to the “Left Behind” books. You are taken up…and that’s it! They could probably buy the “Adventure Express” tracks from King’s Island to do this cheaply.

  • Anyone who believes this shit should be chemically castrated.

  • more jobs so i say this is awesome.

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