In this momentous episode of the CinAwesome Podcast, we talk about–you guessed it–Cincinnati stuff.  Also, baseball.  And basketball, Wonder Pets, vacations, and the usual Virgil’s Cafe what-have-you.  Music is Explosion Kills Asshole.

32: Share the Choad

We talk Taste of Cincinnati, bikes in Cincy, and quail eggs.  Music is Primus.  Thanks for listening, y’all.

31: Race Relations

In keeping with our rapid-as-molasses every-other-week schedule, we’re back with another set of gripping tales about Cincinnati and its cast of asshole characters.  Intro music is Dani, outro is The Beach Boys.

30: Poop

We talk Reds, houses, glasses, poop, and the Enquirer.  Music is Captain Beefheart.

29: Old Man Dongs (with photos (sfw))

Episode 29: Jason and Ed discuss baseball & spring training, the inadequacies of the Reds pitching staff, and we lay a Schneider’s ice ball on the line for our NL Central predictions.  Then things move on to the pile of hot radio garbage that is Real Talk 1160.  From there, things get sexy.  And I mean gross sexy.

28: Like it’s Your Birthday

It’s a show where we talk about Cincinnati stuff.  That’s what we did.  Music is Incredible Hog.  Enjoy.

27: Tonight There’s Gonna Be a Groundbreak

Hey, this week we talk about things like the Streetcar groundbreaking, the Bengals’ players’ inability to do law-abiding things for stretches longer than 18 months, beer, and other things.  Also: filthy, filthy, filthy.  Like you couldn’t guess that.  Music is “Persephone” by Pop Empire.

26: The February Filth Festival

In the 26th episode of the CinAwesome Podcast, Jason and Ed discuss 9/11 movies, Halloween, the Horseshoe Casino collapse and the subsequent media weirdness about it, Tom Hanks’s career, and then it gets filthy.  Mad Anthony at the beginning and end.

25: The Serious Podcast

Hey, it’s the 25th episode of the CinAwesome Podcast!  Congratulations to us!  This is something of a serious podcast.  We talk about our respective holidays and how the went, the fall of local media and the recent history of the Yellow Pages.  Yeah.  Seriously.  IT’S THE SERIOUS PODCAST!  Jason also reveals his weight loss secrets after having dropped 15 pounds over a few weeks.  And then, once the show begins to wrap up, we bring the funny.

Music is You, You’re Awesome.

24: Mississippi Mud

In this episode of the CinAwesome Podcast, we talk about Redsfest, a lil’ beverage called Mississippi Mud, the halfway point of season 2 of The Walking Dead, the impending “closure” of the Southgate House, Kenny Tessel’s weird sex toy, Barbe Q, and Ed’s Smith Muffler saga.

There were a couple photos we mentioned during this episode; I’ll add ‘em to the post in a little while.  Be patient, or whatever.

Intro: Ampline; Outro: Knife the Symphony