700 WLW is Tanking: Awesome or Not?

For years,  WLW has dominated Cincinnati airwaves.  If you weren’t listening to a Stryper CD or John Tesh, chances are you were listening to The Big One.

These days, not so much.

WLW is still number one in the ‘Nati, but there is a lot of news and talk today about Cincinnati’s news and talk  station losing listeners.  Ratings are down 25% from the fall.  Is it because of the Reds off-season? The fact that the Bengals are terrible? Or does it have something to do with a laundry list of lineup changes including Mike McConnell’s departure, Eddie Fingers’ firing, and Tracy Jones’ continued existence?


  • Losing hundreds of thousands in ad money because of sinking ratings tends to wake up a station that’s been on auto-pilot.
  • Maybe they will get rid of Tracy Jones, Mo Egger, Scott Sloan and Eric Deters.  But probably not.


  • They’re still #1

WLW sinking faster than Carson Palmer's career. Awesome?

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