15: Musicast: The Learning Things Episode

On the tails of yet another toweringly popular CinAwesome Podcast (that’s a joke.  Go ahead.  Give in.  Have a chuckle), here’s our 2nd Musicast.  These are a lot of fun to do. (Why are you still laughing?  AWKWARD.)


Gazelles!–Can’t Fit in My Skin
Seedy Seeds–Telephone the Constrictor
State Song–Blank Lake
Mad Anthony–Teeth
The Guitars–Piltdown Man
The Greenhornes–Can’t Stand It
The Mortals–I Want More
Knife the Symphony–Everyone’s Got a Dime to Spare
Elk–The Fifth Ring
Ampline–Paper Tiger
Archie and the Pukes–Eatin’ People
SS-20–War Toys on Christmas
The Slobs–6 Pack

If there’s something in the Cincinnati music landscape that you’d like to hear on this show, let me know. If it’s something I can’t otherwise get my hands on, send it my way at cinawesome@gmail.com.

Thanks for listening, and thanks for the lovely-ish notes.

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