Here’s something that appears to be a whoopsie on the part of the Cincinnati Enquirer.  Not only do they name the fella whose name wasn’t available, I’m not sure they SHOULD have named him, as he’s 15 and headed to juvenile court.  Not that I’m presuming to know the laws surrounding this, but OOF.

44: Let it Breathe

In this episode of the CinAwesome Podcast, Jason and Ed talk about things.  Y’know, things.  Stuff.  Casino, baseball, the death of Google Reader, Cincinnati Rollergirls, and Jason attends his first drag show.  No big whoop.  Music is Toots and the Maytals.

Unrecorded information: we’re still planning on putting together a commentary track for movies relating to Cincinnati.  We’ll be starting with noted rollerblading movie Airborne.  News as it happens.

Cincinnati: If You Like Mustard, I Have Got a Deal For You…

43: Beef Sherbet

In this episode of the CinAwesome Podcast, we listen to Ed taste-test two of the experimental Lay’s chips.  We also discuss the extreme pace at which his life is being lived, as well as the fact that HOLY CRAP WE’RE WORN OUT.  Finally, we talk about a change of pace for CinAwesome, and Jason brings up a possible change to the show: commentary tracks for movies about Cincinnati.  More to come on that.  Music is the Collins Kids.

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42: Suck My Dick, Subway

In this Episode, Jason and Ed talk about things.  Y’know, things.  Devo is the music.